Get Organized For Back To School!

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It’s back to school time already?!?!?! As usual…we have no idea where summer went. Apparently out the window with our leisurely mornings drinking coffee and days spent at the pool! Luckily, we have 4 small tips that will get you totally organized for back to school season!


We love this Acronym that Parent & Child Magazine created to keep families organized as the school year begins. It’s simple, easy and effective!

PURGE: At the end of each week, re-evaluate the homework papers, books, projects, and other loose ends your child has accumulated. Toss, recycle, or store whatever’s no longer needed in the bag.

ACCESSORIZE: Keep necessities from floating about by attaching them to the backpack. Try a snap-on hand sanitizer, for instance, or a lip balm that comes with a keychain-style container.

CATEGORIZE: Designate certain pockets for particular items: larger pockets for books, a smaller one for homework folders, a small side pocket for pens and pencils. You can even label them if you need to help your kids keep track of what goes where.

KEEP IT UP: Motivate your child to stick to those good habits by making the weekly purge a family ritual. While he’s sorting his backpack, clean out your own workbag or purse.


Make feeding your kids protein in the morning a priority. Did you know that children are twice as likely to score higher than average grades if they start the day with a healthy breakfast? I know that cereal is quick and easy but don’t do it! It probably contains more sugar than you would like to admit. Figure out a few quick and easy breakfast ideas and stock the fridge!

Figure out your child’s learning style

 Maybe you have a little one just beginning school or maybe you’ve never thought to investigate learning styles. Understanding how you kiddos learn will only make things easier for you and your child’s teacher. She Knows has a simple quiz you can take to give you some more insight.

Set up a Study area

Designate a place in your home where there aren’t distractions around. Make this the place the kids will do their homework. Find a way to make it special! Get your own set of homework supplies and organize it. Create a place your kids are excited about using!

Using these simple tips will ensure your back to school transition goes as smooth as the peanut butter you’ll be spreading on those sandwiches! Happy Back to School Everyone!

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