5 Gifts That Have Us Excited The Holidays Are Almost Here!

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It’s the giving time of year! Here are 5 gifts that have us excited that the holidays are almost here!

Being in the toy business means that we are exposed to A LOT of small companies creating innovative ideas!  This list showcases some of inspiring people we have had the pleasure to meet through out our journey. The best part of this list is that all of these amazing gifts support a small growing business!


He’s All Boy Alpha Cards– Founder Susan Levy created these flash cards to inspire her wiggly little boy to sit still and learn his alphabet. What better to hold a boy’s attention then tapping into the potty humor little boys love, right?!?! These proven and durable flash cards will have your kids rolling on the ground laughing and learning their ABC’s like 123!

Yoee Baby– If you’re looking for a cutting edge baby gift, you need to check out this brand new “Baby’s First Toy”!! Yoee Baby was Jillian Lakritz’s answer on how to connect and interact with her newborn baby when she found nothing that fit the bill. So, she created a baby safe sensory experience that allows caregivers to create those interactions babies require to thrive and develop. Yoee Baby is a teether, a rattle that crinkles and a stuffed animal. It is pretty much every baby toy in one!

Handstand Kitchen Cookies For Santa Kit– Handstand Kitchen is our favorite way to create some fun in the kitchen with our kiddos. Yvette Garfield has created a collection of adorable kid friendly kits that include kid sized utensils and yummy healthy recipes for you to try together. We are opening this gift a little early so that Santa will have the best cookies on the block!

A15027_cBrackitz Creator 26-Piece Set This block and connector engineering set encourages STEM fundamentals for the kids in your life. This building set is big enough for little hands to manipulate and doesn’t tumble when they’re bumped! Check out all of their sets here.

toofeze-teether-sky-blue_1024x1024Toofeze– One more great gift for the itty bitty ones in your life! Toofeze chills instantly in cold water to ease pain, and fast! The stainless steel disk satisfies babies’ craving for cold, smooth objects. Like a teaspoon with a baby-safe handle, Toofeze is a twist on an age-old teething remedy. Best of all, this award-winning parenting tool, meets the high standards of health and eco-conscious families.


Happy Holidays Everyone!!


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