5 Tips For A Smooth Return to School From Winter Break

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smooth return to school from Winter breakHopefully your family has thoroughly enjoyed winter break and basked in the glory of unpredictable sleeping schedules, lazing around the house and losing track of what day it is. By now, the mini panic attacks have started to set in and the kids are getting anxious about returning back to school. Try these 5 simple tips to help ease your family back into school mode!

Start talking about school

This seems like a no brainer, but sometimes school is the last thing we are thinking about during the holidays (as it should be!). Start asking your kids which friends they can’t wait to see, which subjects are their favorite or spend some time planning some fun things to pack for school lunch! Getting them thinking about school will make sure your kids are feeling prepared and at ease about the transition.

The dreaded bedtime…

We all know this one…time to get back on schedule! Start moving bedtime back to your normal routine bit by bit. Getting the kids up 30 minutes early every morning will help get them ready for an earlier bedtime. If your kids struggle with this, try eliminating screen time before bed. All of that stimulation only makes it harder for your kids to wind down.

Get organized!

Things get lost, or worn out during the year. Find a few minutes to take inventory of what needs replacing and clean out those granola crumbs in the bottom of their backpacks. Your kids will head back to school refreshed and their teachers will be thankful!

Trade some screen time for reading time

Break is for relaxing and usually that means time spent in front of screens may have increased. Start replacing some of that screen time with activities like reading. Build a reading fort or pick up a new book they can get excited about. Getting their brains back in books will only help them once the homework starts pouring back in.

Give them something to look forward to

Fewer breaks between January and the end of the year means this tends to be the busiest time of the school year. Spring break can seem eons away especially for little kids. Give them something to look forward to the first couple of weeks by planning something fun on the weekends or signing up for a new activity.

Now that you’re armed with the keys to a successful back to school, the Switch Witches wish you all a happy beginning to 2016 and a smooth transition this January! GO GET EM!!


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