5 Ways to Prepare for an Amazing Summer With Your Family

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The school year is wrapping up! The warm summer days and trips to the pool can bring on  a bit of anxiety for us. Throwing out the routine you and the kids were so used to is hard (and liberating)! What better way to make sure your whole family has a great summer than setting yourselves up for success?! Check out these 5 tips that will be sure to get your summer vacation off to the right start!Clean_Kids_Meal_Plan_-_The_Seasoned_Mom_?

    1. Fill the cabinets! More time out of school means additional meals for mom and dad to prepare… ugh. But it’s also a time to grow those taste hungry buds!
      Get a list together of a few new recipes for the kids to try. We love The Seasoned Mom’s Clean Kid’s Meal Plan. All of these recipes are things our kids would actually eat and she has provided a healthy way to make them. Go on, get a pen, and do yourself a favor.Free_Printable_Summer_Bucket_List_-_Yellow_Bliss_Road


  1. Create a family bucket list. Yellow Bliss Road has an adorable, free Printable Summer Bucket List. You’ll be the coolest house on the block working on a not just a reading list, but a bucket list this summer as well. Bonus: This keeps boredom and bay while allowing the kids to anticipate in fun activities they choose!_1__Pinterest_•_The_world’s_catalog_of_ideas
  2. Get a game plan on how you will keep the kids learning this summer. Touching base with kid’s teachers is a great way to figure out where you need to be spending time improving over the summer. Work to find a fun way to incorporate these skill into the day. There are some fun and engaging STEM toys available and Pinterest has some awesome reading lists, STEM challenges, and outdoor activities that we have compiled on our Summer Vacation Board just for you!farmers-market-014
  3. Take advantage of what is happening locally.– You don’t have to go far and it doesn’t take a lot of time to check out all of the amazing things in your backyard! Farmers markets, community pools, rec centers, fairs, festivals etc. provide load of opportunities for family fun in your own neck of the woods.t6cnx5wcpe8z9i1zx1vy
  4. Plan for YOU- Mom, Dad, Grandparents: You need a break too! Makes sure you find a way to book out some “me” time. Try setting up a swap day with a friend where you can each take turns watching each other’s kids for a day, afternoon, or evening. Talk to your other family members about planning  a special date with the kids. Be sure to book some time well in advance with a babysitter. Or, try sharing a baby sitter with a neighbor for a quick adult dinner! Making sure your needs are met will ensure the whole family is happy.

We hope these first few weeks of summer vacation are going well for all of you!!

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