Adventures of a Switch Witch

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We can remember spending countless hours playing “house” under the swing set, hide and seek in the neighborhood, and exploring the “wild” (aka the backyard). Time stopped and simultaneously flew by as we lived in these worlds we created as kids. Imaginative play is so important, and a lot of memories and traditions start this way. We are excited to begin sharing stories submitted by this simple act of playing, written by the little creators themselves.

One of our young Switch Witches in training (and daughter of our illustrator), Ada, has a passion for writing. Lucky for us, Ada loves sharing her stories about the adventures of her Switch Witch named Strawberry! As a daughter of two creative parents, Ada has a knack for imagining the unimaginable! Ada’s family spends time reading, exploring, creating and being outdoors together.

Read Ada’s story and adventure below. Where will Strawberry go on her next adventure? We’ll just have to wait and see : )


The Herb Garden

By: Ada, age 8

It was an Autumn Friday night and the Bozikov family decided to let their house Switch Witch, Strawberry, go out and venture in the herb garden with her finest companion, me. At first Strawberry was a little uneasy and didn’t want to go because she didn’t want to get snatched away by an enormous dragonfly or get stuck in a spiders web! But then she realized that her best buddy was going out too. She also knew that I was going to defend her at all costs! So, after a moment of hesitation Strawberry replied, “Umm sure!” Hand in hand, off we went!

 Having barely set foot in the garden, Strawberry smelled something funny. “Is that…. mint?” she asked sniffing the air around her. “It sure is!” I replied. “So there must be some mint around here, right?” she asked.

“Yes siree! I’ve seen some mint plants before.” I said as confident as ever. “Cool! I can’t wait to see them, maybe even taste them!” Strawberry giggled with excitement.  “Oh, you’ll see much more than that!” I said trying not to sound scary.

 We walked around for a little while chatting about the plants and animals in the herb garden but then, all of a sudden, Strawberry and I saw a large butterfly loom over us. The butterfly said in a sweet little voice, “Why hello Ada! how’s it going?” “Fine my dear Spiffy. I’d like to introduce to you Strawberry the Switch Witch.” I said waving my hands in her direction.

 “Spiffy?” asked Strawberry “Is that Spiffy?” she continued. “Uh huh!” I replied nodding my head. As a response Strawberry yippied, “Awesome! Do you want to be friends Spiffy? After all, I just love butterflies! ..And your name!”  “Of course! I just love making friends, and thank you for the compliment!” Spiffy blushed.

 So we played for a little while, climbing tall mint stacks and playing hide and seek; after all, the abundant vegetation made great cover. Climbing on top of a stack, Strawberry saw something most unusual. A duck was in a bowl of water, floating around and nibbling basil! Strawberry called me over since she wasn’t very sure if the duck was dangerous or not. At the top, I looked closer and saw that the duck’s skin was jaguar patterned! “Ohh, that’s just Basil! …well, Basil isn’t his actual name but he’s so obsessed with this herb that the nickname stuck.” I explained. Once more to get excited Strawberry asked, “He’s another friend of yours, right?” “Of course! Actually he was the one who introduced me to Spiffy!”  “Then let’s go and meet up with him. Quick!” She said already running toward Basil.

 I followed as fast as my feet could carry me. When I reached Basil and Strawberry they were already having a pleasant conversation discussing the benefits and peculiarities of flying with a broom or wings. “Would you look at that? The two of you are already friends!” I said satisfied that Strawberry liked my friends as much as I did! I, Ada, have to admit, that it was a pretty successful adventure!  

Encourage your little ones to keep writing and reading. Share your Switch Witch adventures with us by emailing!

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Karen on Reply

WOW! This was written by 8 year old!!! I love it! What creativity and the ability to tell a story. This little one has a gift!

Dan Thompson on Reply

What a cute story! The narrative flow is impressive, especially for such a young writer. Ada can spin quite a yarn.

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