Audrey Kinsman’s ‘Switch Witch’ Introduces a New (Candy-Free) Halloween Tradition

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Switch Witch Book and Toy

“For some parents, it’s the desire to prevent a massive, hours-long sugar high. For others, it’s the prospect of Halloween-induced cavities that rings loudest. Others still face the reality that their food allergic child can’t consume the buckets full of candy even if he wanted to. But whatever the reason, parents across the country are seeking a way to dim the laser focus on all things sweet during one of America’s most-loved holidays.

 That’s where the Switch Witch comes in. According to popular lore, the Switch Witch is a mystical creature with a special affinity for Halloween candy. She loves the sweet stuff so much, in fact, that she gladly swaps toys, books and other non-food items for the bags and bags of candy from post-trick-or-treat kids.” Click to read the full article by Daily Parent.


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