Candy Alternatives For Your Easter Basket

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The Easter Bunny is coming faster than you think! This year, the rounds will be made on March 27th which means there is about a week and a half to get ready!

Usually the candy filled baskets and easter egg hunts turn our kids into sugar-crazed maniacs. Over the years we have found some great alternatives to Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, jellybeans and the likes. Swap some of that candy for a few of these great alternative ideas to lessen the sugar coma. All these can all be found at Target; one stop and you’re done!

  1. Stationary- Give your school aged kids some cute school supplies! Target’s Dollar section has tons of adorable stickies note sets, pencils, note pads all for $3 or less! target stationary
  2. Coloring book- Studies have shown that coloring has amazing de-stressing abilities for grown ups and kids alike. Target has options for all ages! coloring books
  3. Art supplies- Ahhh…There is nothing better than a fresh box of crayons, a new set of paints or sharpened color pencils. coloring supplies
  4. Outdoor toys- Balls, jump ropes, skip-it, sidewalk chalk –  you name it! These are all a perfect reminder that Spring is here and the weather is getting nicer.14045198
  5. Bubbles- Our little ones LOVE getting a new bubble gun/wand and a fresh jar of bubbles. Who knew there were so many skills, developmental milestones and coordination that are encouraged through the play of bubbles?!?Little_Kids_Fubbles_Bubble_Light_-_Multicolored___Target
  6. Garden Supplies- Get the kids involved in gardening this year with seed packets and new gardening gloves! Planning and planting your own garden is a great way to spend time as a family, and give kids a sense of ownership in growing their own fruits and veggies. Also, an opportunity to get them to try some new ones!  : )46767975
  7. Legos- Let’s be honest, these work as a gift for just about every occasion. The tiny builder sets are just the right size (and cost) for an Easter Basket! Enough said.LEGO®_City_Deep_Sea_Explorers_Starter_Set_60091___Target
  8. Easter Tableware- Target always has fun cups and plates for the holidays and these spring versions are no exception!  They might not last forever but we have found these are the cups our kids are excited about using whether they’re 3 or 8 years old. . easter cupsHappy Easter!
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