Candy Frost & Halloween Dawn Visit 2nd Grade!

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Miss Spangenberg’s 2nd grade is one of the many classrooms to receive a Switch Witch Teacher Kit during our giveaway last month. This week we caught up with her to see how she is incorporating the idea of the Switch Witch with her classroom!

teacher reading Switch WitchWhat’s your Witches names?

My homeroom named their Switch Witch, the one with the hair down, Candy Frost. Candy, because they like how she takes candy and exchanges it for other things, and Frost because we are excited for winter!! My other class named their Switch Witch, the one with her hair in a pony tail, Halloween Dawn!two Switch Witches

How are you using the Switch Witch with your 2nd graders?

Each day the kids come running into the room to see where our Witches will be, as they are always some place new! Yesterday, they were both found sitting together having some Witchy talk! My students were tickled to see them sitting together chatting away!

The kids loved the book and learning all about the Switch Witch! Candy Frost and Halloween Dawn helped us do a writing sample today that was titled “My favorite part of having the Switch Witch in our class is….” It was such a success!

The Switch Witches also help to promote good behavior and focus in our classroom. Both classes love to hold the Switch Witch during story time, she only picks people who have been well behaved all day and have been on task. It is also a special treat for kids that are on task to complete some work with a Switch Witch keeping the kids company.

Lastly, The Switch Witch has promised our classroom something VERY special. If the students promise to be on their best behavior and bring some candy in to class the Witches said they would Switchcraft it for a special surprise. My 2nd graders can not wait for this!

Child holding Switch WitchWhat is your favorite part of having a Switch Witch?:

The students love her because “She is pretty, she is always hiding and up to something, and they really enjoy being able to make trades with her!”

Switch Witch writing lessonWhat is something memorable your Switch Witch has done?

Something memorable the Witches have done is help us with our math and reading lessons! Having a Switch Witch in the classroom has add a lot of fun and magic to our daily tasks! I can’t wait to have her in my room for many years to come.
 Switch Witch Math
Thank you to Miss. S and her 2nd Grade classroom for taking the time to chat with us about their adventures with their Switch Witches. Click here to bring this Halloween tradition to your class or home!
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