Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day!

Hi all, it’s Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day! We are super excited to celebrate by empowering our kids to have some fun in the kitchen. We REALLY let them take over, and it is obvious by their off script ad libbing and outfit choices. (See Will’s blazer.) This was the perfect excuse to try out a recipe from…

Children’s Books: The Best on Diversity, Inclusion and Compassion <3

Did you know that at age 2 children are able to recognize gender and racial differences? And did you also know that at age 3 they can develop a sense of uneasiness around people that are different from themselves? Amazing, huh?!?! Reading stories is an incredible way to help kids explore just about everything, including about the…

Best Halloween Books for Kids

Best Halloween Books for Kids!  Nothing gets your family into the Halloween spirit more than reading a story about pumpkins or trick-or-treating! Start a new holiday tradition by reading one or two of these magical books with your family. Click to see San Diego Families full book list.

Witchy Words- Inside a Switch Witch’s Home

      Bring the magical world of the Switch Witches to your family this Halloween. Purchase your copy of The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft today at Target stores all over the US. For a limited time you can enter to win a copy of the Switch Witch through apps giveaway….

Adventures of a Switch Witch

We can remember spending countless hours playing “house” under the swing set, hide and seek in the neighborhood, and exploring the “wild” (aka the backyard). Time stopped and simultaneously flew by as we lived in these worlds we created as kids. Imaginative play is so important, and a lot of memories and traditions start this way….