Switch Witch Adventures

Candy Frost & Halloween Dawn Visit 2nd Grade!

Miss Spangenberg’s 2nd grade is one of the many classrooms to receive a Switch Witch Teacher Kit during our giveaway last month. This week we caught up with her to see how she is incorporating the idea of the Switch Witch with her classroom! What’s your Witches names? My homeroom named their Switch Witch, the one with the…

Rose the Switch Witch Goes to Kindergarten!

This year the Switch Witches are arriving in schools all over the country! These Switch Witches have traveled far and wide to encourage healthier habits, excellence through good behavior, as well as child and caregiver interactivity. Through working with our new teacher partners we also learned of some pretty amazing ways to bring the values that the…

Adventures of a Switch Witch

We can remember spending countless hours playing “house” under the swing set, hide and seek in the neighborhood, and exploring the “wild” (aka the backyard). Time stopped and simultaneously flew by as we lived in these worlds we created as kids. Imaginative play is so important, and a lot of memories and traditions start this way….