Why We Walk to say FAREwell to Food Allergies!

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20160811_134201Why We Walk To Say FAREwell to Food Allergies!

Could you imaging being diagnosed with a medical condition that will cause you and your family to live at a heightened sense of alert for the rest of your life? A food allergy reaction sends someone to the ER every 3 minutes, and accounts for over 300,000 visits to the ER every year for kids under the age of 18.

“When living with a food allergy, experiencing severe reactions to everyday foods like eggs, milk, shellfish or nuts is a serious reality. The symptoms can range from breathing trouble and low blood pressure, to a severe reaction resulting in even death.”

There is no cure for food allergies.  Once diagnosed, families have to avoid the food allergens and learn to recognize and manage their allergic reactions.

Being Part of The Solution

We want to do our part in offering a way to ease the pains of living with a severe food allergy. The Switch Witch can be used to give families a way to safely participate in a holiday focused on food consumption. Kids can trick-or-treat with their friends, and leave the candy they can not eat to be Switchcrafted for a surprise they can enjoy.

We are so excited to be official sponsors of FARE and the Teal Pumpkin Project this year. In our efforts to spread awareness and raise funds for food allergies we will support every single FARE Walk for Food Allergies across the country. Each walk will be raffling off a Switch Witch to help say FAREwell to Food Allergies!

We encourage you to join us! Come and participate in the FARE Walk for Food Allergy in your community and “help us raise funds and awareness each year to create a safer, more inclusive world for the 15 million Americans with food allergies”. We hope to see you there!

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