Friday Favs

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TGIF everyone! This week we rang in the harvest season and this weekend we get to see the super harvest moon! Its been a wonderful and warm beginning to fall, See what our highlights were in this weeks Friday Favs!

Happy Friday!

The SW Team


1.Harvest is here, despite the hot days we are experiencing we are channeling FALL!

2. Ocktoberfest, fall festival, pumpkin patch…what about an Autumn Apple Party!?

3. If we aren’t doing our everyday in our athletic wear (see Facebook for the video). We are in jeans and a T-shirt… Thank goodness for these tips on how to spice up our go tos! 

4. Now that fall is OFFICALLY here check out this list of Fun things to do as a family to enjoy the season.

5.  What does your wine choice say about you!? 

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