How to Safely Celebrate Halloween with Food Allergies

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It’s almost that time of year again. Soon, children across America will be putting on costumes and telling neighbors to smell their feet. Of course we’re talking about Halloween!

According to an ADA survey, almost two-thirds of American children said Halloween is their favorite holiday. Who can blame them? Getting dressed up and collecting candy sounds like fun to us, too. Unfortunately, for children with food allergies, Halloween is a little more complicated.

Luckily, our friends at Hudson Allergy, a private allergy practice in New York City, are not only experts on food allergies – they’re also fans of Halloween! Knowing how much kids and adults alike love this holiday, Hudson Allergy shared six tips on how to How to Safely Celebrate Halloween with Food Allergies. The tips are practical and designed to help families avoid the most common allergens, but they also leave plenty of room for a fun holiday. And don’t forget, there’s still time to make the Switch Witch a part of your Halloween celebration!

Hudson Allergy is led by two Columbia University trained physicians. They treat a variety of allergy and immunology diseases, so they understand how important it is for patients (and their parents) to have access to educational resources for accurate and helpful allergy information.

For example, did you know that less than 21% of patients with a peanut allergy will outgrow it? Hudson Allergy also wanted to share some information around peanut allergies and Halloween candy. They put together an infographic to help parents and kids quickly digest some helpful information on peanut allergies and how to stay safe during Halloween.

Click here to download the infographic from Hudson Allergy.

Using the information in the infographic along with the advice of their own doctor, children with peanut allergies and food allergies can use the magic of switchcraft to swap treats they are allergic to for a special treat from the Switch Witch.

Trading in candy for safer treats and starting new candy-free traditions (such as a spooky movie marathon or visiting haunted houses) can be great ways for families that live with food allergies to celebrate Halloween in a healthy, happy way.

How do you celebrate Halloween and what traditions have your family adopted? How will the Switch Witch play a part in your family’s Halloween this year? Let us know!

Have a safe, happy Halloween!

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