Mombot bring the Switch Witch Home

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The Mombot, is celebrating this Halloween with their new family Switch Witch! See what this mom of 2 young ones had to say about how it has helped her kids enjoy Halloween despite a milk protein allergy and what the kids thought of this new guest visiting their home!



“I hadn’t thought much about what Halloween would look like for him down the line until the Switch Witch arrived at our house; she was a new Halloween tradition to test drive and gave me pause to think. If Graham continues down his road of dairy intolerance, Halloween will be a bit dismal for him. All chocolate will be off limits, and that’s the best part of the Halloween haul! Enter the beauty of the Switch Witch (who was actually created due to the author’s own little boy having a milk protein intolerance – what a coincidence!)…”

switchwitch4-halloween-witch-reviewHead over to The Mombot.

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