Rose the Switch Witch Goes to Kindergarten!

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This year the Switch Witches are arriving in schools all over the country! These Switch Witches have traveled far and wide to encourage healthier habits, excellence through good behavior, as well as child and caregiver interactivity. Through working with our new teacher partners we also learned of some pretty amazing ways to bring the values that the Switch Witch embodies into the classroom.  Mrs. LaMantia was one of the teachers to receive a Switch Witch Teacher Kit this year. Her class has been having a blast with their new Switch Witch Rose! We caught up with them this week to see how it is going. 

rose_the-switch-witch backpack 2
What’s your witches name?
Her name is Rose

How are you using the Switch Witch with your Kindergarteners? Rose is always a part of our day. She moves around to different places in our room, watching for good behavior and noting all the great things the students are doing. She also goes home every night with a student to spend time with them. The children and their parents write in the journal about what they did with Rose and the next day at school the student share what they wrote in the journal with our class!

rose_the-switch-witch-pic 9What is your favorite part of having a Switch Witch?
I think my favorite part of having the Switch Witch in our class is starting a tradition that we can do every year! The students love making Rose a part of our day! She is in a different place each morning when the students come in and they get excited to find her! It is so fun having something for the kids to look forward to and fun for me to know this will be something each class will enjoy year after year.

rose_the-Switch-witchWhat is something memorable your Switch Witch has done? She went in a student’s book bag, and the students thought it was hilarious! She also enjoys eating lunch with the students!


Thank you to Mrs. LaMantia and her kindies for taking the time to chat with us about their adventures with the Switch Witch. Click here to bring this Halloween tradition to your class or home!

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