The Switch Witch-Friday Favs!

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The Switch Witches have pulled together the favorites from the week. Check out what made the list!


The SW Team

Switch Witch Friday Favs 9-4

1. Need a makeover for your morning cup of joe? We did, and this Caffe Freddo hit the spot!

2. Car wax in your toilet bowl?! Check out these GENIUS cleaning hacks!

3. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. That is exactly what this 7 year old did.

4. The Switch Witches have arrived at Target and the pictures are pouring in!

5. We are always looking for a way to save a few minutes. These natural beauty hacks do just that!

6. A touching back to school story of a community looking out for one another.

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Allison Katz on Reply

Love the idea of sharing your Friday Favs. It’s always interesting to see what the Switch Witch team is keeping tabs on :-)

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