The Switch Witch on The Gluten Conundrum

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Switch Witch Gluten conundrum

“The Switch Witch is teaming up with The Teal Pumpkin Project and FARE at FARE Walks for Food Allergy Walks nationwide through giveaways and some Switch Witch magic! For those of you unfamiliar with the Switch Witch you are in for a sweet treat. Audrey Kinsman, brewed up this allergy-friendly concept when one of her sons was trick-or-treating in 2013. After seeing his disappointment in knowing that he would not be able to eat most of the candy due to a food allergy, the idea of “Switchcrafting” the candy he was allergic to came to life. Good girls and boys trick-or-treat as usual, and then when they arrive home, are encouraged to choose their favorite pieces of candy to keep while giving the rest to their Switch Witch. The Switch Witch will then use her magic to “Switchcraft” the candy for a preferred book or toy — a win-win for both adults and children!” Read the full article on The Gluten Conundrum

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