About Your Switch Witch

Where does my Switch Witch come from?

Your Switch Witch lives in Witchy World high above the clouds. Lots of good and fun magic takes place here. Your Switch Witch can arrive at almost anytime, thought they tend to show up in early October, when it starts to get chilly in the Northern Hemisphere.

Can I touch my Switch Witch?

Every Switch Witch is different. Some like to be part of the family and go on trips to school and the store. Maybe out for a Hayride. Others prefer to watch and observe the family from afar, or hanging from a light fixture perhaps. Your instincts and your Witch will let you know.

Does the Switch Witch know the Elf on the Shelf ?

Both are very special and magical creatures doing highly important tasks here on earth. They have crossed paths, but are not related and generally appear at different times of the year.

Does my Witch have a name?

When you adopt a Witch, she comes into your home and will be part of your family forever. Although some Switch Witches you may come to know, your very own Switch Witch is yours to name.

How does my Witch know if I am bad or good?

Witches have very special magical powers that allow them to know such things. Having a Witch in  your house means that she is focusing just on the kids in that house. Your friends may also have Witches, they are looking out for good behavior in the house that had adopted them.

If Witches are magic, why do I see them in stores?

Some Witches will just appear in your home, others are brought to families via approved Witchy adoptions. These take place in stores that the Witch World has approved.