Tillywig TOP FUN Award Winner

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EXCITING NEWS! The Switch Witch has been awarded the Tillywig TOP FUN Award! Each year, Tillywig rounds up the best children’s products, parenting products, and educational products available in today’s marketplace and The Switch Witch was one of them!

The Tillywig Awards Program focuses on organizing and delivering the best products straight to consumers, retailers, and the media. They review everything from toys and games to mobile apps and children’s furniture.

How do you win a Tillywig TOP FUN Award?

The Switch Witch was submitted to one of six categories. From there, The Switch Witch was run through a group of tests in order to evaluate the “quality, efficacy, entertainment value, or educational value of the products submitted to us by manufacturers”. A panel of judges then evaluated the tests and awarded the highest scored submissions.

A special Thank You

All of the Switch Witches feel a special thank you is due to our supporters. We know without the amazing community we have supporting us we would not be here. We are SO proud that The Switch Witch passed with flying colors and won the Tillywig TOP FUN Award! Thank you for allowing us to work hard every day to continue to build this small business we so believe in!

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