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Switch Witch Doll

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Get everyone's favorite Halloween witch—the Switch witch doll. This soft doll keeps watch on your child's behavior, and, if they've earned it, will switch out their candy for a gift of their choice! Write a letter to your witch letting her know what gift you are hoping to receive and all the fun things you are doing this fall.


1 review for Switch Witch Doll

  1. Kristen White (verified owner)

    My daughter is OBSESSED with Holly, her Switch Witch. She carries her around and whispers all of her secrets to her. I love the concept of kindness the Switch Witch teaches. I wish that there were alternative witches to buy for my two sons. I feel like I can't order another "Holly" since she is so special to my daughter! I would love eventually if I could order additional accessories, stickers, and Switch Witches!!

    • Audrey Robertson

      Thank you so much Kristen! Stay tuned, we would love to outfit Holly in the near future!

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