Meet the Switch Witches

Your Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

This Switch Witch seems to have arrived in someone else’s house. Could it be yours? Please let us know what you and your family have named your Switch Witch and what she likes to do. She will, of course, report back to the Witch World on your activity.

Switch Witches- FluerFleur

She may be young but don’t let that fool you! Fleur graduated at the top of her classfrom SA(University of Switchwitchery). She is as quick as a bat after a bug and her spells
never fail. Fluer waits in anticipation for Halloween night and trains all year long in hopes of switchcrafting the most candy that year. Her favorite foods are Pumpkin bread and hot apple cider.

Switch Witches- Ruby


Ruby became a Switch Witch many many years ago. She enjoys all manner of Halloween activities, but Switchcrafting is her favorite. She loves using her magic to help the Witch World get energy and brining smiles and great toys to kids everywhere. Her favorite food is Witchy Toast with pumpkin butter.

Switch Witches- Wanda


Wanda is new to being one of the Witch World’s key Switch Witches. She was a junior Switch Witch for ten years and was recently promoted after passing the very difficult SAT (Switchcraft Ability Test). She is very excited to navigate around the globe and use her magic to help good girls and boys Switchcraft their candy. Her favorite foods are Boo Banannas and carrot soufflé.

Switch Witches- Beatrix


Beatrix is known in the Witchy World for her Switch Witches Brew. Her concoctions have just the right of amount of each ingredient to create the perfect spell. Beatrix has a long list of kids that she looks forward to visiting each switching season and spends the year preparing the perfect spell for each one of them!


Switch Witches Cat- Sugar


Meet Sugar, the Witchy World’s happiest kitty. One of her favorite duties is watching over and sorting the mountains of candy collected on Halloween night. Sugar is an especially good watch kitty and always makes sure to keep an eye on the Switch Witches rascally frog Chewy. Some of Sugar’s favorite past times are basking in the moonlight and warming Witchy toes on a chilly Fall night. There are few things she loves more than a bowl of warm cinnamon milk.

Switch Witches Frog, - Chewy


This is Chewy, the Witch World’s notable Switchcrafted frog. He excels at sorting candy and assisting the Switch Witches on navigation and other key tasks for Halloween. Chewy likes to play in the mud and help craft new magic; frog related spells are his favorite. Chewy does have one major flaw….he loves to eat candy as well! Look throughout the Switchcrafted book for this sneaky frog trying to steal from of the Switch Witches candy stash.