Switch witch box with doll

Who is the Switch Witch?

Your Switch Witch and her friends are here to bring their magic and fun to all good boys and girls! Switch Witches need your candy to heat their homes and make their Witchy World go round.

Buy a Switch Witch book and toy and begin this Fall and Halloween tradition in your home. We’ve got your family covered for Halloween at home this year. On Halloween night your Switch Witch will use her spell to Switchcraft your candy for a special surprise!
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The Switch Witch Tradition

Step One

Get Your Witch

Switch Witches live in Witchy World high above the clouds.Your witch might just appear in your home, or someone might adopt one for you. Either way, when she shows up, she can’t wait for you to read her story!

Step Two

Name Your Witch

When you adopt a Witch, she becomes part of your family forever, and is yours to name. You can get inspired by meeting all the Switch Witches or, click below to get some name ideas.
Witchy name ideas

Step Three

Write to Your Witch

Write a letter to your witch, making sure to add the surprise you are wishing to Switchcraft for. You can also tell her some of your family's favorite things to do in the fall, and how you are doing Halloween-at-home!
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After Halloween

We know Halloween is super fun, but it eventually comes to an end. After Halloween, find a place in your room where your Switch Witch will be comfortable. Just remember, she's keeping track of all your good, and bad, behavior!

What People are Saying About the Switch Witch

The [Switch Witch] makes Halloween inclusive and fun, by providing an equally festive alternative for families with food allergies, while allowing children to trick or treat like normal."
The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft, [is] a hardcover book that comes with a doll similar to the Elf on the Shelf. The story explains that tiny witches need massive amounts of sweets to heat their homes and fuel their magic brooms, and they're willing to trade clothing, books, and toys for it."
Switchcrafting is ultimately an investment in your child's health. For those little ones with life-threatening food allergies, it's even more important. "If you've ever experienced your child going into anaphylactic shock, you know that [the alternative] is significantly more expensive," she says.
-Woman's Day

Meet the Switch Witches

The Original Switch Witch

This Switch Witch seems to have arrived in someone else’s house. Could it be yours? Please let us know what you and your family have named your Switch Witch and what she likes to do. She will, of course, report back to the Witch World on your activity.
More About Us


She may be young but don’t let that fool you! She is as quick as a bat after a bug and her spells never fail. Fluer waits in anticipation for Halloween night and trains all year long in hopes of switchcrafting the most candy that year. Her favorite foods are Pumpkin bread and hot apple cider.


Ruby became a Switch Witch many many years ago. She enjoys all manner of Halloween activities, but Switchcrafting is her favorite. She loves using her magic to help the Witch World get energy and brining smiles and great toys to kids everywhere. Her favorite food is Witchy Toast with pumpkin butter.


Wanda is new to being one of the Witch World’s key Switch Witches. She was a junior Switch Witch for ten years and was recently promoted! She is very excited to navigate around the globe and use her magic to help good girls and boys Switchcraft their candy. Her favorite foods are Boo Bananas and carrot soufflé.


Beatrix is known in the Witchy World for her Switch Witches Brew. Her concoctions have just the right of amount of each ingredient to create the perfect spell. Beatrix has a long list of kids that she looks forward to visiting each season and spends the year preparing the perfect spell for each one of them!
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